The glaucoma

What is the glaucoma pathology ?

The glaucoma is a progressive disease, in most of the cases related to the intraocular pressure (IOP), affecting the optic nerve and the retinal fibers and causing a progressive loss of vision if untreated.

The glaucoma pathologies are classified in order to bring the most efficient and adapted treatment. Different factors are considered for the diagnostic:

  • the patient age and potential heredity factors,
  • the clinical form (acute, chronic...)
  • the angle of the anterior chamber (angle between iris and cornea - open or closed angle)
  • an analysis of the primary form(80% of the cases) or secondary form (i.e linked to other pathologies or specific medications and representing 20% of the cases) of the pathology
  • an analysis of the eye's drainage system (aqueous humor drainage).

Intraocular Pressure inside the eye

Area affected by a glaucoma . (optic nerve)

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