Our EzIOP product

Our device, ambulatory and non-invasive, permits to monitor changes in ocular dimensions related to intraocular pressure variations at regular intervals during 24 hours. The device assists in improving :

  • Glaucoma diagnosis.
  • Glaucoma treatment monitoring (efficiency follow-up) 

More information about the glaucoma 

The EzIOP device is composed of several elements:

  • One part to collect information on the deformation of the eye related to variations of the IOP over 24 hours (disposable contact lens equipped with a passive sensor, mask and recorder)
  • One part to allow the healthcare professional to start the session and analyze the data (embedded application on a tablet)

Examination procedure:

The patient is first equipped by a healthcare professionnal with the contact lens and then with the mask and the recorder.

When the monitoring period is over, the patient is invited to return to the medical center in order for the practitioner to analyze the results after he has transferred the data to the tablet.

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